Whether you are a rookie at job interviewing or need a little help in polishing your skills, our goal is to get you feeling confident about the interview process, and in turn get the job offer you want and deserve.  The key is to practice, practice, practice!

Judy helped me feel confident, calm, and completely prepared for an incredibly important interview.  Judy is an exception​al, top notch, experienced, and well-educated interview coach.  I knew before the interview that I was ready, because of her guidance.  When the interview was going on, I felt amazing (this has probably never happened before).  It was so much easier to believe in myself and my capabilities due to her guidance and advice.  Judy is instantly able to come up with the most ideal ways for a person to talk about themselves.  Judy is also kind and empathetic, which certainly helps during such a stressful interview process time.  I was selected to move on to the next interview in the hiring process, which I attribute largely to Judy and the training she offered me.  If you feel unsure about your interviewing abilities, do not even hesitate to contact her, especially if the role and the company are super important to you.  Judy is more than worth it!

A. Treut


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