job search coaching


In today's competitive, network-driven job market, job searching is more than submitting a resume and praying to get called for an interview. I help my clients design, organize, and execute a well-integrated, multi-media job search campaign and provide them with the tools and resources to land their dream job.  Coaching includes exploration of career opportunities, identifying potential jobs and companies, assessment of your skills and strengths, interviewing best practices, and nurturing connections to tap into the hidden job market.

research plan

The starting point in your career development plan, focusing on self-exploration, assessing career opportunities, and researching your online footprint to help you gain clarity on your objectives and make sure you start your new journey on the right foot.

community development

Tap into the hidden job market by creating a network of supporters and people who will give you referrals.

identify your career i.d.

Showcase a solid professional brand and get prospective employers to say "We want what you have".

habit development

Develop the habits of quiet self-promotion, using your skills, being prepared, and conducting effective follow ups to help propel you toward your dream career.

The best investment for your career