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With over 700M users (as of 2021), representing professionals across 200 countries and regions, LinkedIn is the most powerful digital job hunting, networking, and marketing tool for individuals and businesses.  

My LinkedIn Profile Optimization services will help you transform your standard online presence into a smart networking tool that opens doors without you realizing it. By turning your bio into a professionally optimized piece of text that sells you instantly, you can appear in front of the people who will take your career in exciting new directions.

how linkedin profile optimization works

LinkedIn Optimization Services

"About" Summary writing  

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The "Teaser"

$ 150 USD

A concise 100-word LinkedIn "About" written summary, incorporating only 1 SEO keyword.

** For the "About" section only. 

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The "Pleased to meet you"

$200 USD

Stronger 200-word LinkedIn About summary with 2 SEO keywords incorporated.

** For the "About" section only. 

The "Full intro"

$ 300 USD

A robust 300-350 word LinkedIn About summary with up to 3 SEO keywords incorporated.

** For the "About" section only. 

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revamp your  full LinkedIn Profile and professional brand

The "Makeover"

$ 550 USD

Comprehensive makeover of every aspect of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Professional LinkedIn profile writing and keyword optimization.

  • LinkedIn profile evaluation and analysis on how to update each section.

  • Brand and strategy consultation. 

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elevate your linkedIn profile and power your career now!

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