Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals, all while helping to provide clarity, rouse self-awareness, and create change in the lives of those we work with.


My path was not always clear, and like so many others, I found myself wandering, confused, and straying from my life goals.  As millions of adults before me have done, I resigned myself to living a life that would make others happy, paying no attention to what was in my heart and soul.  Living for other people’s expectations led to an intense period of depression, broken and frayed relationships, and I eventually became a college drop-out.

While dropping out of college was a huge disappointment to my family, it was the single most important turning point in my life.

I dedicated my time and energy to understanding my inner truth:  Who was I?  What was my passion?  Where did I want to go in my life?  These questions helped provide a clearer understanding of my goals, and I re-entered academia quickly graduating with both my Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Hofstra University. 


After school, I worked with many organizations that fed me both financially and occupationally; and while I enjoyed my time with them all, they did not feed my inner being.

Throughout a series of serendipitous events, I was introduced to the idea of career coaching after several colleagues and friends frequently sought out my HR/Recruiting experience and advice when navigating their professional lives, and in 2018, I began the work of becoming a certified Transformative Life Coach.


I believe that my personal and professional experiences have influenced me to be an active listener and empathetic towards people's desires to achieve professional and personal success. In that, I found my true passion.

It's a blurred line between work and home. Unhappiness at work can (and often does) influence life at home, and vice versa.  Living a fulfilling life is a radical change.  I know from first-hand experience pursuing professional fulfillment can be scary, but through the years, I've acquired the tools and mindset to help me become more confident in my decisions and adopt new perspectives that has led to happiness and less stress.


I can only hope that you experience the same in your personal and professional journey through self-exploration, and I would be honored to be a part of it.