• Judy M. Williams

A Guide for Comprehensive ECQ Development

Updated: Apr 16

The key to writing compelling Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) statements is to give the readers - e.g. Executive Review Board (ERB) members and HR professionals - descriptive information about your most significant achievements.

Important Details to Remember

  • Included one or two examples that best demonstrate your abilities against the ECQ.

  • Make sure each ECQ is no more than 2 pages long.

  • Frame each ECQ using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model. The ERB looks for specific challenges, actions, and results.

  • Never combine any of the ECQs and avoid using an identical example for more than one ECQ.

  • Do NOT label each section of your ECQ; for example, don't label the description of the problem as "Challenge". Craft your response in one continuous essay.

  • Use the first-person narrative; that is, the personal "I" instead of the third person.

For more help with writing your ECQs, download this free e-guide with worksheets to help you brainstorm your ECQs.


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