Your Online Presence in a Visual Society

Your website, conference photo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts all make up your online image, and having a photo is a key element to your online presence.  A great headshot can help you create a positive and lasting impression on potential recruiters, employers, and clients.  Whether you're a recent graduate entering the job market, an experienced professional looking for your next big opportunity, or a budding entrepreneur, investing in a quality headshot that exerts professionalism, confidence, and integrity can pay off in the long run.

Holistic Career Guidance has partnered with award-winning commercial & editorial portrait photographer, Nathaniel Welch to provide HCG customers with a special offer. 

For  $250, all clients receive:

- A full 45 minute studio shoot with a light grey OR dark grey background.

- 1 look and 1 outfit change.

- 150 photoshopped color corrected, contrast, and brightness adjusted images sent to you one day after your session. 

- 1 retouched image.

Enter code HCGLinkedIn when you book your session to receive the following extras:

- A full 45 minute studio shoot using BOTH light grey and dark grey backgrounds. 

- 2 retouches on the same image.

10% OFF HCG LinkedIn Profile Writing Service:

Customers who have ordered a photo session with NYC Headshot Spot will receive a 10% discount when they order a LinkedIn Profile Writing service. Send an email to to place your order and receive your discount.

**Discount eligible to customers who have not previously ordered a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service from Holistic Career Guidance. Must provide proof of purchase from NYC Headshot Spot to receive discount.

Nathaniel Welch is a NYC-based commercial and editorial portrait photographer whose photos have appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, Rolling Stone, Glamour, Fortune, and Cosmopolitan. 

He founded NYC Headshot Spot to help individuals create their perfect online image for today's highly visual world, dedicating himself to providing professionals with dynamic, memorable, and affordable headshots.  

You can view his headshots gallery here.


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