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What is the small business spotlight?

HIW Small Business Spotlight is a free editorial and social media coverage of an individual or small business with an inspiring story to share.

Please send an email if you are experiencing any issues with submitting your information.  

HIW Small business spotlight


Please fill out the questionnaire below. Selection will be based on how interesting or inspiring your responses are, and how useful the information will be to our audience.   

Tell us your story by answering the questions below.  The more colorful and interesting your answers are, the better!   

Please provide at least one image of you or your business to be used to promote your Spotlight feature.  If you prefer to submit a video about your business in lieu of an image, that’s perfectly fine!  If you can submit 2 or 3 images to use, that would be great.

The images you provide can make all the difference, as they will be a part of the content and Spotlight promos.  The best images are spontaneous or candid — think Instagram or Facebook.  Images can include "team in action" or behind the scenes images (office, team lunch, working on location, etc.).   

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Thanks for submitting!

If selected, we will reach out to you via email with follow up questions aimed to attract interest around you and your business.