US Federal Job resume & statements

Professional resume writing services for Federal Resumes, Military Transition Resumes, KSA Statements, and SES / SES ECQ Writing Services. 

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Once you submit your payment (via invoice emailed from me), I will request additional information and documents (e.g. resume). 

This is where you share the basics like work history, qualifications, contact details, etc.  We can then use them as the starting point for your professionally written resume.


I will leverage HR and recruiting expertise and collaborate with you to make you stand out for all the right reasons.


I’ll ask everything I need to know to build up a unique profile of who you are, what you want to do, and what you excel at so that no recruiter can resist.

Enhance Every Job Application

Within 7-14 business days (subject to change), you’ll receive a custom-written professional resume that instantly gives you an advantage.


Just what you need when it’s time to accelerate your career.


Join the many successful clients who have worked me!  


To get started and place your order, contact me to receive an invoice and information on the next steps.

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$750 USD

Land your next job, faster!  Resumes are:

  • Written by a US recruiting professional skilled in screening and writing resumes across diverse industries and professions and understands what attracts hiring managers.

  • Targeted to the federal job you're applying to and addresses the hiring manager's needs.

  • Follows strict USA Jobs resume format. 

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SES / SES ECQ Resumes

$1200 USD

For individuals applying to high-ranking, senior executive US Federal positions.  SES Resumes (5 pages or 10 pages) are designed to highlight your leadership experience and accomplishments.  

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$ 1,395 USD

We prepare professional quality, personalized KSA, ECQ, MTQ, TQ, and PTQ responses based on your experience, education, and training.


While we use your resume to create professional looking and sounding documents, you will also receive our CCAR template for you to provide us with detailed examples that demonstrate your experience against the statement questions.  

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SES ECQ Federal Job Application Package

$3500 USD

This package includes:

  • SES / SES ECQ Resume Development

  • Targeted Cover Letter

  • Separate ECQ Written Statements

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Federal Job Application Package

$ 3,500 USD

This package includes:

  • Federal Resume Development

  • Targeted Cover Letter

  • Written KSA, MTQ, PTQ, or TQ Statements

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Cover Letter

$90 USD

Receive one unique, individualized cover letter that sells your strengths and accomplishments. 

Join the many successful clients who have worked me!  


To get started and place your order, contact me to receive an invoice and information on the next steps.

What My Clients Say

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p. Flanagan, salesforce

I accepted a Mid-Commercial Financial Cloud Services Account Executive role with Salesforce.  The resume work you did really helped me with the process, and I got exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you again!